V/A – Label Sampler (C-90)

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Sanity Muffin showcases their impressive roster by commissioning exclusive tracks from their already house names and many future release artists. Filling a 90min tape to the brim with sounds from; Odd Nosdam, Kraanium, Perpeteia, Hondo, Travis Wyche, Drape, A.C. Way, Torture Corpse, Hondo+Galena on the A-side and Lissom, Bre’r + Odd Nosdam, Engines, Naked Lights. Jims, Selaroda, Gears, Galena, Born To Kill & Gog on the B. A lush full color double sided fold out insert with art by Chicago’s font & gnome mastermind Hydeon. First 100 copies come with a medium gauge S/M guitar pic! Budget priced for your broke pocketbook…

Reviews on V/A Sanity Muffin Label Sampler: KZSU Top Tapes of 2010 list, Midwich UK, Black Harbor